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    SCP-RP Rule Set Sheet

    General Rules
    Section A
    0a. Do not loophole rules.
    1a. No job can be friends with SCP’s (besides other SCPs)
    2a. Do not make false keypads/keycard scanners. In other words do not make a keycard
    scanner/keypad lead to nowhere.
    3a. Do not break NLR (see section below).
    4a. Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch).
    5a. Do not copy someone's name.
    6a. Your name must contain characters typeable by an English keyboard.
    7a. Only English is allowed.
    8a. You can't have a space in between each character in your name.
    9a. You can’t have SCP Names / Job Names. (Having a name similar to the job is fine however. AKA: Nicknames).
    10a. Always follow Fear RP - the idea that you value your life and must act accordingly in dangerous situations to prevent death.
    11a. Do not build props you have to crouch or jump over in the facility.
    12a. Do not metagame.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    ---12a (1a): People talking to each other in ooc about in-game occurances/ situations.
    ---12a (1b): Using other chat systems/PM's to give info about what's happening in game.
    ---12a (1c): If you are in a sit/hear one, using information from this is meta-game.
    13a. Do not Fail RP.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    ---13a (1a): Being mayor and holding an SCP and making people pay you for it back.
    ---13a (1b): Being ANY job and letting out SCP's without proper tests in plan.
    (This does not mean letting out SCP's to test how destructive/nice they are).
    ---13a (1c): If SCP-131 is looking at SCP-173 and 173 is moving around, this is Fail RP.
    14a. Do not exploit/abuse any bugs or glitches, doing so will result in a punishment (depends on the situation), instead, report them on the forums.
    15a. Do not build/kill in spawn.
    16a. Do not prop abuse (this includes surfing, killing, spamming, climbing and blocking or any other type of prop abuse).
    17a. Do not mic spam (whether it's music, voice or noise, any type of spam).
    18a. Do not abuse advert channel, you may only use advert to advertise a shop and job service or use it as a type of "Alarm" (if you have the correct job).
    19a. Do not spawn inappropriate structures.
    20a. Do not block NPCs around the map.
    21a. The Tall Building and Hospital Roof is normally used for Sits(Situations), so please do not get up there.
    ---21a (1a): You may use the BACK HALF of the apartment building that borders the edge of the map, but do NOT interfere with any sits.
    22a. No one way walk through props, (fading doors must have keycard scanner on both sides).
    23a. You can’t change your name to a job that is on the game or have (SCP-XXX).
    24a. Do not demote when staff are on
    25a. No self-supply
    26a. As foundation staff, you can not be corrupt eg. Help class D’s, kill other staff.
    27a. You can not block off the vents.
    28a. No controversial groups
    29a. SCP's can NOT drive Vehicles.
    30a. Players may only cuff 096, 173 and 682.
    ---30a (1a): 096 can only be cuffed when a bags placed on their head. (/me places bag on 096's head). And only when they are not attacking someone.
    ---30a (1b): 173 can only be cuffed if there are 3+ people OR SCP-131 is looking at it.
    ---30a (1c): 682 can be cuffed only if he's calm.
    31a. NLR stands for new life rule it is very important to follow this rule, or roleplay feels one sided.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    ---31a (1a): NLR means you have no memory about your past life that you didn't know before hand, or is basic knowledge.
    ---31a (1b): After you die you can not interact with the area you died in or the player that killed you for 2 minutes NO MATTER WHAT!
    32a. You must close all keycard protected doors.
    33a. If you kill a person you can not interact with the person you kill for 2 minutes.
    34a. You may pass through your NLR area but do not loiter.
    35a. You can not tell other players what happened in any previous lives. (Unless it is a sit, then after the sit the knowledge is forgotten again)
    36a. If you die during a raid as foundation staff, stay in your spawn for the NLR time. If you die as CI, stay outside of the facility for the raid time.
    37a. The GLOBAL Raid Timer is 20 minutes. (After death).
    38a. No double layer doors/ Air lock doors in D-Block.
    ---38a (1a): Meaning no more than 1 fading door per entrance/room in D-block.
    39a. All surface jobs (Unless stated in their job rules) are not allowed in the facility!
    40a. If you are to use a keypad with a code, you must put the code in legible english numbers somewhere near it if it blocks a spawn area or a building/entry way into map areas.
    ---40a (1a): The smallest numbers being size 11, lowest opacity 39.
    ---40a (1b): It must be within 12 feet of the fading door's keypad.
    ---40a (1c): You can hide the code as long as you can view it within 3 feet of the keypad.
    41a. Only 5 Fading Doors per foundation personal inside the facility and they must be spaced out 6 feet apart.
    42a. SCP's and MTF may not enter D block unless stated in their rules.
    43a. No KOS/DOS signs keeping D class inside their cells unless there is a d block lockdown.
    44a. If you are using balloons, you may not make LARGE props float.
    45a. You may not stand on any floating props/prop surf.
    46a. You can only have keycard scanners in the facility.
    ---46a (1a): Field Agents may have keycard scanners at the subway entrance, and square area that goes to it.
    47a. You are allowed to scam people out of ingame money, however, you must give them something of similar promise, and/or equal value/interpretation. (If the job allows it).
    48a. Do not spam the light buttons.
    49a. Do not spam the camera.
    50a. If you are killed during a raid, you must stay in your spawn until the your NLR timer is over.
    51a. You do not have to advert muggings.
    52a. You cannot raid the same persons base more than once every 20 minutes. (This applies globally).
    53a. Do not build shops/homes/bases on the roads.
    ---53a (1a): You can build walls on roads, ONLY if you have a door/fading door to allow people through FREELY.
    54a. You can build bases that are not directly on the ground, however, must be supported by either a map structure, or "attached" to a map structure and put on STILTS. (Trees count as natural support, just like roofs).
    ---54a. (1a): You may not build your base to intentionally block/access someone else's base/apartment.
    55a. If you are going to raid, you MUST try to do it methodically.
    ---55a (1a): This means DO NOT blow up a base and say "raided xd", this means you MUST try and do it practically.
    56a. You can only make keypads with codes on the surface.
    57a. Facility jobs & Class D cannot make meth.
    ---57a (1a): Class D can only make meth once on the surface.
    58a. You cannot kill someone if they have a building sign and are blatantly building, if you think their sign is to bypass being killed, report them.
    ---58a (1a): You may only have a building sign up for 15 minutes and may not put another up for 30 minutes.
    59a. Adverting raids isn't necessary and NOT recommended, however, it might help if you are fearful of being reported for RDM.
    60a. Keycard scanners/keypads must be within 3 feet of the fading door that it is used for.
    ---60a (1a): Keycard scanners/pads may not be materialized or invisible. They must be 100% visible.
    ---60a (2a): You may "hide' the keycard scanners/keypads, however, only if they can be easily seen from the fading door.
    ---60a (3a): You may not place keycard scanners/keypads where you have to jump to access them.
    61a. When switching jobs, you must remove your props.
    62a. If you are being raided, you may not edit, remove, exploit, add, or spawn props to your base/"HQ".

    Job Specific Rules: SCP's
    Section B
    SCP-008 [not a job]
    1b-008. You may not take 008 as any job unless given authorization by level 5 keycard personell.
    2b-008. You may not take 008 out of its containment area UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
    3b-008. You may not infect people randomly.

    1b-035. You may infect players after they RP put on the mask. (/me puts on mask)
    2b-035. If someone is around you for more than 10 seconds and looks at you without a box, they must put on the mask.
    3b-035. You can make infected players kill people/follow your commands.
    4b-035. You may not make infected players break rules from this page.
    5b-035. You may not open doors, however your host can.
    6b-035. If you're scp 035, then you need a host do to stuff if you don't have a host then you cannot go out of your cell.
    7b-035. If you are out of your cell, someone has to come with a box and RP putting the mask (035) into the box and then take you back. (/me puts mask into box).
    ---7b-035 (1a): As SCP-035 you may kill yourself to get back to your cell if you don't want to wait on someone, or if you have been recontained.
    8b-035. You cannot infect randomly.
    9b-035. Only the host may have a gun.

    1b-049. You may attack any players with your swep if there are no guns pointed at you.
    2b-049. You may not abuse your attack to make it impossible for players to move.
    3b-049. You have to listen to people with guns out!
    4b-049. You don’t have to listen while in your holding chamber.
    5b-049. You may not have a gun.
    6b-049. You can have a max of 3 zombies

    (049 Zombies)
    1b-049Z. You may not attack during a sit.
    2b-049Z. You can kill yourself after 1 minute of being a zombie, but may not interact with 049 for 2 minutes.
    3b-049Z. You may not attack SCP’s.

    1b-060A. You may leave your containment chamber to mass infect for 20 seconds after you infected someone in your cell.
    2b-060A. You may infect as many people that enter the grove.
    3b-060A. Infected may leave the grove to kill before they die.
    4b-060A. Do not leave the grove unless you infected someone.

    1b-066. You may only kill someone if they get near you. (Within 1 foot).
    2b-066. You may NOT kill someone if you chase them in order to get close.
    3b-066. You may NOT open doors.
    4b-066. Do not spam your scream, do not use it more than once every 2 seconds, use it only when someone is NEAR you.

    1b-079. You must have a valid RP reason to turn off remote door control.
    2b-079. You may advert once every 5 minutes to get the attention of the site director or person within the facility of your choice. (You may not be blatant about why you want them, however).
    3b-079. You do not have to listen to someone unless you choose to, however, you must be fair in what you propose/are offered.

    1b-096. You may attack any players with your swep but they have to either insult you, or stare at you after telling them to stop and waiting 3 seconds.
    2b-096. You may not ever enter class d block.
    3b-096. You can not attack scp’s.
    4b-096. You have to comply with orders from MTF/Reseachers if there is a bag over your head.
    5b-096. If not 'enraged', you may only slowly crouch walk through-out a room/area, sticking close to the walls, as well as not blocking doorways. In addition, you may not exit the room or hallway unless being re-contained or enraged at the person/people who looked at your face.
    6b-096. You may not continue to be enraged after everyone in the general vicinity/room has been killed.

    SCP 106
    1b-106. You may not attack people outside of the pocket dimension.
    2b-106. You may not abuse your attack to make it impossible for players to move.
    3b-106. You can not take the same person in a row into the pocket dimension.
    4b-106. You are recontained when a class D is put in your cell and the femur breaker is adverted.
    ---4b-106 (1a): A Class-D only has to be present if there are researchers online, otherwise only the femur breaker has to be adverted.
    5b-106. You must only kill your victims in the pocket dimension.
    6b-106. You may only take one person into the pocket dimension at one time.

    SCP-131-A / B
    1b-131. You creep people out by following them and staring into their souls
    2b-131. You can not escape the facility or assist in any escapes.
    3b-131. You can be in vents but do not block people.
    4b-131. You must stare at SCP-173 if you are near him.

    1b-173. You may not move while within a direct line of sight.
    2b-173. You may only attack by snapping someone's neck.
    3b-173. You may only move during a blink.
    4b-173. You may not kill other SCP’s.
    5b-173. You can only be cuffed if 3+ people or SCP-131 is watching you.
    6b-173. You may open doors only if no one is looking at you.

    1b-343. Be a good jesus
    2b-343. You do not help other SCP's escape.
    3b-343. You do not choose bias over one person/faction over another.
    4b-343. You can open doors, but cannot open them to help anyone escape.
    5b-343. You must listen to MTF or Field Agent.

    1b-372. You follow one and only one person around until they die, you die, or you are shot/hit.
    2b-372. If shot/hit immediately start following and attempting to kill the attacker. (You may kill one time).
    3b-372. You can only leave to the surface if your target has left to the surface.
    4b-372. Type your target in advert chat so it is in the logs.
    5b-372. Do not intentionally make yourself be harmed to be able to kill the person you are stalking.

    1b-457. You gain power by fire.
    2b-457 .To start the first fire you have to set them on fire in your cell.
    3b-457. Roleplaying out of cell requires someone to be on fire to set more on fire
    4b-457. If anyone is on fire they must follow 457 to give him more power

    1b-457. SCP-682 hates living things. (But will not kill until enraged).
    2b-457. You get pissed easily
    3b-457. You can only break down doors/kill people when you are enraged.
    4b-457. You must kill everyone in your sight when enraged.

    1b-999. You can go anywhere besides the surface (unless 682 is there)
    2b-999. You tickle people to calm them down. (But only if they're angry or sad).
    3b-999. You must listen to mtf.
    4b-999. SCP 682, when enraged, is your first priority to tickle.
    5b-999. You may not spam your tickle on ANYONE.
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    Job Specific Rules: Foundation Jobs:
    Section C
    1c-Bu. You can only rape other class d's.
    2c-Bu. You are not allowed to leave the class d block.
    3c-Bu. You can only rape once every 2 minutes.

    Biohazard Containment
    1c-Bio. You guard 008, and are a co-operator with the mtf leader.
    2c-Bio. You may not leave 008’s cell unless 008 has been taken or 049 has escaped.
    ---2c-Bio (1a). You may leave the facility if SCP-049 or SCP-008 is on the surface.

    1c-CD. You can only befriend other Class-D’s
    2c-CD. You can raid/KOS other Class-D
    3c-CD. You may not help SCP’s escape
    4c-CD. You can raid the facility.
    5c-CD. You can’t build anywhere in the facility.

    Field Agent
    1c-FA. You may NOT go down into the SCP foundation.
    2c-FA. Your objective is to protect the facility and to recontain any SCPs that try to escape.
    3c-FA. If you recontain an SCP, you may go down to Gate A but you must leave the SCP at the gate for the MTF to pick them up.
    ---3c-FA (1a): You must advert to the MTF that there is SCP's waiting at Gate A to be recontained. (Only once).
    4c-FA. You may create a barrier that protects the facility however, you MUST make sure that there is at least one way to get inside or outside.
    5c-FA. If a MTF member gets outside, you must ask him/her to return to the facility. If they refuse, you may kill them.
    6c-FA. Field Agents may raid the Chaos Insurgency base to get back captured scps.
    7c-FA. Raiding the Chaos Insurgency may only take up to 5 minutes to complete. (Raid Cooldown timer of 20 minutes STARTS ON DEATH).
    8c-FA. You may only build structures that will benefit the defense of the facility entrance/exit.
    ---8c-FA (1a). You can build these anywhere as long as they have direct line of sight of the entrance/exit zone.
    ---8c-FA (2a). These structures do not need to be a wall/door/checkpoint blocking the entrance/exit.
    9c-FA. You do not respond to bank robberies/crimes. You are not law enforcement.
    10c-FA. You may cook meth, however, may not commit any other crimes.
    ---10c-FA (1a). Although you are allowed to cook meth, you must not make it blatant and can have your equipment confiscated by the police/mayor. The second time you are caught by police/the mayor, you will be subject to arrest.

    Mobile Task Force Leader
    1c-MTFL. You help MTF get into certain places with your keycard.
    2c-MTFL. You may not aggravate SCP’s so they attack others.
    3c-MTFL. Follow every rule listed under Mobile Task Force. (Except rule 3c-MTF).

    Mobile Task Force
    1c-MTF. When free you assist researchers with class D’s
    2c-MTF. You may leave the facility if 3+ SCP’s escape.
    3c-MTF. Listen to your leader!
    4c-MTF. You may not aggravate SCP’s so they attack others.
    5c-MTF. You can be in the security room if no security is on.
    6c-MTF. MTF are NOT allowed on the surface if there are ANY Field Agents online.
    7c-MTF. If Field Agents advert there is an SCP down at Gate A, you must do your best to immediately report to Gate A to recontain it.

    1c-Re. You can only kill foundation staff.
    ---1c-Re (1a): You may kill anyone that isn't foundation staff ONLY if they are actively trying to harm you.
    2c-Re. You aren't allowed to have a different gun.
    3c-Re. You can only kill security/researchers if they are assaulting a class D (cuffing, shooting, etc).
    4c-Re. You need 1 or more Class D with you to escape.
    5c-Re. You are a Class D, however may not kill anyone you please.
    6c-Re. NLR Still applies to Requis.

    1c-Sec. You listen to your leader!
    2c-Sec. You cannot escort people to SCP’s (MTF handle this)
    3c-Sec. You keep the class D’s in check and you do not assist in containing SCP’s as you are not equipped or trained for that.
    4c-Sec. You may not go after class D’s out of D block. That’s MTF’s job.
    5c-Sec. You can not leave d block.
    6c-Sec. You do not have to abide by the NLR TIMER, unless the CI is raiding and kills you.

    Security Leader
    1c-SecL. You must follow every rule under Security. (Except 1c-Sec.).
    2c-SecL. You may call a lockdown for D-block ONLY if there is chaos.
    ---2c-SecL (1a): Lockdowns may not last for over 5 minutes.

    Head Researcher
    1c-HR. You do tests on the Class D's.
    2c-HR. You can only escort Class D's to testing labs with a MTF guard.
    3c-HR. Class D's can escape from your escort, the MTF guard is there to stop Class D's from escaping.
    4c-HR. You cannot kill Class D's. You experiment on them.
    5c-HR. You can not be above ground. Remain in the SCP foundation at all times.
    6c-HR. You may not aggravate SCP’s so they attack others.
    7c-HR. You decide where the other researchers test.

    1c-Re. You do tests on the Class D's.
    2c-Re. You can only escort Class D's to testing labs with a MTF guard.
    3c-Re. Class D's can escape from your escort, the MTF guard is there to stop Class D's from escaping.
    4c-Re. You cannot kill Class D's. You experiment on them.
    5c-Re. You can not be above ground. Remain in the SCP foundation at all times.
    6c-Re. You may not aggravate SCP’s so they attack others.

    Site Director
    1c-SD. You can have printers (in your office)
    2c-SD. You set the rules for your workers
    3c-SD. You can not make it so SCP’s can be free from their cells
    4c-SD. You can make the KOS lines and people have to ask you before making their own
    5c-SD. You may not aggravate SCP’s so they attack others.
    6c-SD. You can only command people with a lower keycard access level than you.
    7c-SD. You can't leave the facility. (Unless CI KIDNAP you).

    Site Director Guard
    1c-SDG. You protect site director guards at all costs.
    2c-SDG. You HAVE to be with the site director at all times.
    3c-SDG. You enter rooms before the director to ensure his safety.

    1c-J. You need permission to clean cells.
    2c-J. On free time you sit around whacking shit with your crowbar.
    3c-J. You can’t attack people.

    Job Specific Rules: Surface Jobs:
    Section D
    Bank Robber
    1d-BR. You rob the bank (2 cp need to be on)
    2d-BR. You can mug (20,000$ max)
    3d-BR. You can break into banks
    4d-BR. You can break into people's bases
    5d-BR. You cannot raid the facility (Warn (x1) Kick (x2) Ban (x3+)
    6d-BR. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.
    7d-BR. You may only break into people's bases every 10 minutes.

    Chaos Insurgency
    1d-CI. You may raid the SCP labs to break out the SCP's and Class D's.
    2d-CI. You may attack SCP security research personnel.
    3d-CI. You may not attack Class D's (unless attacked by them). You help them escape.
    4d-CI. You cannot build in the Foundation.
    5d-CI. You may only base in the Chaos Insurgencies spawn base.
    6d-CI. You may only raid every 20 minutes. (TIMER STARTS ON DEATH)
    7d-CI. You may not spawn camp.
    8d-CI. You can only raid the facility.
    9d-CI. You may not shoot through the office windows unless someone else shoots through them first.
    10d-CI. If you are caught by an enemy when using your disguise swep, you must revert within 5 seconds and engage in combat. (If combat is to ensue at all).

    1d-Civ. You can have printers
    2d-Civ. You live under the mayor's power
    3d-Civ. You can not rp with anyone but other civilians
    4d-Civ. You cannot raid
    5d-Civ. You may attack SCP’s with a valid reason. (killing others, hurting you, threatening you.)


    1d-FR. You run around and shit
    2d-FR. You can assist in raids
    3d-FR. You cannot raid the facility (Warn (x1) Kick (x2) Ban (x3+)
    4d-FR. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.

    1d-Gang. You listen to the godfather
    2d-Gang. If there is no godfather you mug people and raid with other gangsters
    3d-Gang. You cannot raid the facility nor facility related jobs/areas. (Field agents, CI) (Warn (x1) Kick (x2) Ban (x3+)
    4d-Gang. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.

    1d-GF. You set the agenda for your gang
    2d-GF. You raid bases
    3d-GF. You control sections of territory
    4d-GF. You cannot raid the facility (Warn (x1) Kick (x2) Ban (x3+)
    5d-GF. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.

    Graffiti Artist
    1d-Art. You spray shit
    2d-Art. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.

    Gun Dealer
    1d-GD. You can not self supply
    2d-GD. You can not give guns away for less than the price they cost
    3d-GD. You can only sell to jobs of crime and government (no fucking hobos with ares)
    4d-GD. You cannot raid the facility (Warn (x1) Kick (x2) Ban (x3+)
    5d-GD. You must purchase from other Gun Dealers for guns.
    6d-GD. You can not raid.
    7d-GD. When selling weapons individually, you have to sell them for 9/10 or higher of the shipment price
    8d-GD. When selling weapons as shipments, you have to sell them for 3/4 or higher of the shipments price TIMES 10.
    ---8d-GD (1a). If shipments by default only have one item in them, you must sell them for 7/6 of the shipments price or higher.

    Hobo + Hobo Ninja
    1d-Ho. You build structures out of wood/cardboard in hope to get extra $$.
    2d-Ho. You may not have printers.
    3d-Ho. You cannot own doors.

    1d-M. You can’t make random rules (jaywalking, breathing, kill hobos)
    2d-M. You can’t KOS jobs
    3d-M. You can start a lockdown but you need a valid reason
    4d-M. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.

    Pizza Chef
    1d-PC. You make pizza, and can only deliver to people who order using /advert
    2d-PC. If business is slow advertise your store (1 time every 10 mins)
    3d-PC. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.
    4d-PC. You can not use the oven to kill people.
    5d-PC. You may no longer go into the facility.

    1d-T. You can mug (20,000$ max)
    2d-T. You can break into people's bases
    3d-T. You cannot raid the bank but you can assist
    4d-T. You cannot raid the facility (Warn (x1) Kick (x2) Ban (x3+)
    5d-T. You may attack SCP’s if they pose a threat to you.
    6d-T. You may only break into people's bases every 10 minutes.

    DLC Rules
    Explosives DLC
    1. You may only use explosives in raids.
    2. Using explosives, you must actually blow them up and get raidables/ scout out the base for any.
    3. You can sell guns to people without the DLC.
    4. If you are blowing YOURSELF up with C4, you don’t have to get raidables or scout the base (you have to be a gangster kind of job like thief etc..).
    5. You may not blow up people's bases/walls/entrances unless you are READY to raid and go into base.
    6. You may not blow up structures more than twice per raid/break in.

    1. Do not turn up above 70% volume.
    2. Do not play ear rape.
    3. Radios can be asked to be removed and/or turned down by staff discretion. (If you believe the request to be unfair, report it on the forums).
    4. Glitching the radio underneath the map/into doors, etc. Is a bannable offense of AT LEAST 3 days, up to 2 weeks.
    5. Do not play songs with extremely high bass.
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