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Discussion in 'TeamSpeak' started by Nekon, Nov 9, 2017.

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    This is for the sake of the people who think it is hard as fuck to get TeamSpeak or learn how to use it. I will be going through a step by step tutorial on how to use it to get to our TeamSpeak and Bookmark it to make it ez to rejoin.

    1. How to find and install TeamSpeak.
    First thing you need to do is go to this link right here and download the shit you need.
    Then you will see this just click Next.
    Then on the next page scroll down and click I agree and then click Next.

    Then on the next page click install just for me and then click Next.
    Then on the next page just click Next.
    Then click save in users own files and click Next.
    Finally click just click install, you can use overwolf or not I don't care.

    2. Getting in the Server.
    Once you are done installing and you open up TeamSpeak it should look kinda like this
    First thing you're gonna do is in the top right click Connections and then click Connect
    Then you are going to see something pop in the middle of the screen it will look like this
    You're then going to click server address and type in
    Then you are going to type out your Nickname this will be what your name is in the server.
    Finally there is no Server Password so right below your Nickname click Connect.

    3. Using TeamSpeak
    First thing that you will see when you are in the server is your Name you will be in the Lobby/AFK room. To move out of there you will see rooms like these Double click one of these rooms.
    If you Double click a room like Nekon's Office and it doesn't let you join or ask for a password word you will need to ask to be moved in by a staff member or get the password from that person.
    You can scroll down for more rooms/ offices and VIP channels.
    If you scroll all the way backup you will see this Just click this once and on the side you will see the rules of the TeamSpeak. There are more rules then Shown in this picture.
    Then if you want to change some setting on TeamSpeak Look at the Top of the Client and you will see this
    Also if you click on a persons name in the TeamSpeak you can see various things such as their description, their Avatar, and their ranks Example would be this This is William Aka (DaddyFrosty)
    Finally your avatar, description, or name by right clicking your name and choosing some of the following
    Change Nickname
    Set Avatar
    Delete Avatar
    Change Description.

    You're Welcome for me taking time to make this shit and have fun on the TeamSpeak.
    P.S New Skynet Discord Coming NEVER.
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