[SCP-RP] Moderator Application

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SRS SCPRP Moderator
SRS SCPRP Moderator
Link to Steam Profile:

[My little edit I added]
Discord name and #: JoshJOkayguy #2357
RP Name: Josh Jack Okayguy

SteamID (https://steamid.io)


Why is this even here....

Languages you speak (Must know English):
English and a tad of Spanish

Define RDM, and give a simple example scenario:
RDM (Random Death Match) is a situation in which a player kills another player for no particular reason or an OOC reason. A situation would be: The user MynamebeJeff killed OkayguyJoshJack for no reason, OkayguyJoshJack has video or screenshot evidence that MynamebeJeff RDMed and the user will be jailed for RDM, but first make sure it happened by checking the logs!

Define NLR, and give a simple example scenario:
NLR (New Life Rule) is a scenario in which a user gets killed and loses all past memories (hence the name "New life rule"), they also have to wait a timer to go back to their point of death, if the timer is not over and the user returns to their death location it is considered breaking NLR. A user gets killed by an SCP, he runs straight back (from spawn) to his location of death, he starts talking about what happened before he died, to properly handle this I must have evidence from me or a user on the server, I then explain how long the timer actually is, I then warn them for breaking NLR and tell them what will happen if I (or other staff members) see it again.

Define FAIL RP, and give a simple example scenario:
FailRP (Fail Roleplay) is where a user breaks the RP by saying something non relevant or OOC in IC. FailRPers usually receive a jail and a stern warning. A scenario would be: A user is running around pointing their gun at people, acting like an SCP when they're not, etc. FailRP can also happen when an SCP does something it is not meant to do (Or you break the SWEP so you can exploit it), I would get all the evidence I could and then jail them.

Define Metagaming, and give a simple example scenario of Metagaming:
Metagaming is when something OOC is said IC or you have knowledge your character is not supposed to have. For example: In OOC someone say that an "O5 Member is on site," you can't go around saying (in voice chat and IC) that an O5 Member is inside the facility, usually metagamers receive warns and then kicks.

How would you, as a player, deal with this type of situation? (As user, not staff).
Another player is a Security Recruit, and he has begun to spam offensive slurs and terms in advert without reason that seem to specifically target another player.

Do @ Somebody is spamming in advert/ooc, if a staff member is not online get proof (Mainly screenshots) and send it through the Discord to staff.

Explain how you would handle the following situation: (As staff).
Player X accuses player Y of RDMing him, the console log shows that player Y killed player X:

I tell player Y and X that I can check logs and lying isn't going to get you anywhere, if the player does not admit give them a 1-3 day ban for attempting to evade staff punishment.

Explain how you would handle the following situation: (As staff).
Player X is dead, but adverts an SCP has breached CC:

Tell them that it is breaking NLR/Metagaming and warn him, if he does it again jail him.

What would you do if you saw a researcher or Janitor on the surface? (As staff).
I would bring them into a sit and take them back into their respected places, then warning them and telling them to read the MOTD and their job rules.

Do you have any past staff experience?
I have moderated a (now dead) Minecraft server. But hey, who said that counted? lol

How experienced are you with the ULX Interface/commands?
(Putting down a list of commands does not count)

I know lots of ULX commands and I am familiar with the !menu.

Do you have a Microphone? (Required unless you are able to type at 60+Words Per Minute [WPM])? typeracer.com (TAKE A SCREENSHOT AND ATTACH IT IF YOU MUST DO THIS)

Can you use Teamspeak and speak on it?
I don't have it but I can get it.

Can you use Discord and speak on it?

Have you read the Staff Guidelines?:

What Whitelists do you currently have on the server?

Tell us about yourself:
I am a 13 year old male, I play any game as long as it has some sort of exploration element to it. I have been roleplaying since I was somewhere around 7, and I love to game. All my life the thing I have looked for most in video games is a way to roleplay, if it doesn't have that (And it rarely ever doesn't) then I will just play the game, simple as that. You can reach me by tagging me on Discord and I will respond as soon as possible, I check whenever I can!

Why should you be chosen? (at least 50 words):
I am experienced with ULX commands and I know my way around the interface. I am a nice person (I know I can be a bit "flamey" at times), I am as real as it gets (meaning i'm not some fake lying motherfucker), and if I don't understand something I ask about it. If I can't help a user with a problem they have I will call upon someone who can, if I am ever caught doing something I shouldn't OR someone reports me for something, I will own up to it if I did it. I am well known within the playerbase this server has currently (Meaning the future playerbase for the seriousrp, but only the people who are in the discord atm). I am a division leader (SSD Commander), and I handle my responsibilities well, even if it may mean calling upon my 2IC for help. If someone files a claim and no staff are on duty I will flag up ASAP and take the claim so the person does not have to suffer from whatever problem they may have. As a staff member I solemnly swear to never hold a grudge against anyone that I take claims from nor my peers or superiors, I think I am completely and 100% ready for this job. I can take your criticism, if you have a problem with me or my staff application just -support and give me your reason! And vice versa as well for +support, much appreciated guys! All in all, Goodmen hates me lmao. (pls disregard)


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the user will be jailed for RDM,
Incorrect, the person will be warned should this be their first offense that day.

FailRPers usually receive a jail and a stern warning.
Also incorrect, typically a jail is reserved for Mass-RDM or those who try to avoid sits somehow.

I tell player Y and X that I can check logs and lying isn't going to get you anywhere, if the player does not admit give them a 1-3 day ban for attempting to evade staff punishment.
Definitely incorrect. Lying is not "evading punishment", but typically lying to staff can add to a punishment lightly (maybe 10 minutes extra on an hour ban for example, not much). You should also be aware that a kick/ban typically isn't given for ONE case of RDM.

if he does it again jail him.
Excessive Jailing doesn't reaally do anything about it, only jail when necessary.

Personally I see the great effort put into this application, and think you'd make a good staff member, but you've got a bit to learn.

(But I will allow you to apply again tomorrow because this was a decent attempt unlike most denied apps)

EDIT: To clarify when I say "tomorrow" I really mean in the morning, seeing as I sent this about 1:30 AM and all. So you can re-apply in 12 hours (1:23pm EST)
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