Jon E Goodmen's TOTALLY new Forum Staff Member Application


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Yo this is TOTALLY new and not just a copy/paste of my original accepted Application with some notes and edits, because copy/paste is BAD.

Steam Profile:


Why Do You Want To Be Forum Staff?:
I want to be forum staff for 3 reasons.

1) We are low on active forum staff

2) Our newest forum staff member could use some help

3) IF I'm forum staff the owners can yell at me for posting shit-suggestions again, I kinda miss that.

What Do You Think Forum Staff Does?:

Well for starters Forum staff normally doesn't shitpost, which is good enough reason to FORCE me into the position! Secondly Forum Staff prevents others from making TOO MUCH of a shitpost or making spam-posts and such. Lastly Forum Staff tend to keep the community updated on things so the actual on-server staff can relax, regardless of if those update announcements are on Police RP, Semi-Serious SCP, or any other servers we may have in the future!

Why Should We Pick You?:

The better question is why shouldn't you? Do you see anyone else who is trying to take the position? Plus if I DO take the position it gives you the hope I won't start shitposting all over again in the suggestion pages. Unless it has to do with Nekon and I's ideas for a Serious SCP-RP server. That won't stop