Heads-Up my dudes...

Discussion in 'Fast Threads' started by JonGoodmen, Nov 19, 2017.

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    I will not be able to donate as much time as prior to SkyNet in the following 1-3 weeks. I will be pretty busy, so my average hours per week may drop a bit. I am not leaving the servers however, and I do not intend to leave our servers, or abandon my duties as a staff member of SkyNet Servers. But due to this possible drop in activity, I may consider waiting an extra week or so before the usual applying time for becoming an admin, and I want people aware of this in-case they need to reach me for any reason. I think I should still be able to give at least half an hour a day, but this is far less than my regular playtime for our servers. But do not fear my dudes, I will return to my regular active playtime and continue to aid the server.

    But until then, and as always

    Enjoy your stay at SkyNet Servers my dudes.

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