Farewell Lovely Skynet. Orbit Jr. is no longer here. Late forum

2 days after my birthday, K got mass sniped for no reason, I called an admin, no one answered. So I prop killed lots of people so they know how mad I got. Then I put a text saying Entering Nazi Germany. Then, I was jailed by Phoenix Shay and banned permenantly. So this is gonna say goodbye to skynet. I am now in another server which I’m not gonna tell what it is. Goodbye. I loved the times I was gun dealer, made D Block fun, I had lots of fun in this server. Goodbye guys, I’m gonna miss you. Please tell everyone why I don’t go in anymore. Thank you, and farewell lovely Skynet, as I miss everyone in this. And one more thing, if people get enraged because of this, you have one person to blame. Orbit Jr. Ridn is dead.