A Staff's Guide. Volume 2. (With Pictures!)


The following is written assuming you have read Volume 1. If you haven't then this link will take you there.

The following is an honest, brutal analysis of what you should expect if you become a member of staff, the screenshots are not necessarily in any order and some events will not include every screenshot, if you are interested in seeing the rest you can look through my gallery.
It should also be noted that my opinions are not the same as everyone else, and some opinion may being used in the captions of these photos. This guide does not discuss everything you should or should not do, everything on our servers is situational and bound to change.

Now there are some tasty tidbits of advice for you as you progress to the rank of Admin.

Don't talk to staff you don't get along to, it causes them to often times report the smallest of mistakes you make, which can suck at times.

Timmy and myself talking, about what I forget, just awkwardly close to one another.

Don't spawn a lot of props ever, even as head admin, if it crashes the server it will get you perma-banned.

Head Admin Slender spawning a shitload of balls in a room and leaving them there, although it caused immense lag he did not crash the server so he did not get in trouble for it.

If you texture players for any reason, un-texture them later.

A player textured by an event hosted by Cowskie, although he accidentally forgot to un-texture the player.

Don't abuse, like that's bad don't.

A current-day staff member abusing in the old map.

Never be afraid to talk to community members or staff members about the server. It never hurts to get to know everyone a little better!

Me, asking fellow staff member Alexis if I handled a previous sit properly, it was agreed I dealt with it in an "okay" manner.

Don't go into the skybox for sits. That is the one spot you aren't allowed to do sits at.

A staff member bringing me to the Skybox for a sit.

Don't be on teamspeak chatting and ignoring someone's report(s) of people trying to crash the server.

A player attempting to crash Skynet.

Multiple staff members in TeamSpeak around the same time as the above and below server-crasher screenshots.

A group trying to crash the server together.

In a sit, try to avoid letting people touch the piano, they'll just ignore you once on it.

A new moderator who accidentally allowed a CI to jump onto the piano, the CI jumped off upon being asked.

But do not fear, despite all the things I have warned you about, there is still a lot of great stuff to do as Skynet staff and a thriving community to enjoy!

We make crazy builds!
Credit goes to the original creator(s) of each build, good job!

An unknown player jokingly turning the gas chamber into a sacrificial chamber for Shrek.

Ice Fishermen's famouse "LENS" vault door.

A mayor making a giant dick. He deleted it later, no clue why in all honesty.

Part of my old Hobo Hutt album.

I don't know who this is, what this is, or anything. I just thought it looked cool and screenshot it tbh.

A very active community!

Our community includes nothing but the best orange outfits, fit with free D-Class revolutions!

And some pretty cool staff!

Server Owner Nekon Dabbing on some Haters

Nekon bringing me to his office for a chat.

Me dabbing on the haters

Congrats tiger! You've made it to the end of Volume 2 and I am out of immediate advice for you to hear! So go out there and have some fun and enjoy your stay at Skynet servers.