21st of July 2018 [SCPRP V10]


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Teamspeak Manager
EMSRP Director
UK SCPRP Director
-Updated VCMOD.
-Fixed being able to drop weapons you spawn with as Class D.
-Fixed scprp_motd, there was a bug where the closing line was at the end of the last line.
-Added 2 admin commands: !announcement for playing an announcement and !undeport for canceling a deportation.
-Removed SCP Nekon.
-Changed "E" Button restrictions for the SCP 035 Host.
-Reset Punishment Logs.
-Reset Warns.
-Reset Bans.
-Added more SCP Healthkit(Medkits) around the facility.
-Reset Suggestions.
-Fixed BLogs.
-Buffed BioHazard Containment, updated rules for him, he is invincible to attacks from SCP 060A.
-Buffed SCP 076-2.
-Removed Godfather.
-Removed Gangster.
-Added Crips and Bloods.
-Added deportation system, when you get arrested on the surface you are awaiting deportation which can take 3 minutes, after that you are deported to the facility.
-Changed SCP 079 SWEP. Added option to plea for help from Class Ds if remote door control is off, and more stuff, it's awesome check it out.
-Added sound effects for SCP 035.
-Optimized lots of old things.
-Fixed the lockpicks completely.
-Added sound effects for when SCP 173: Spawns in, and Opens a door.
-Changed SCP 343 SWEP, made him able to go through walls, and doors.
-Added sound effects to SCP 049.
-Updated the HUD, to make it look less boring.
-Fixed some bugs related to the Scoreboard.
-Added sound effects to SCP 060A.
-Remade SCP 060A, it's also cool, try it.
-Added an Announcement System that will play an announcement every 10 minutes.
-Changed footsteps sound when in the pocket dimension, or when walking as SCP 173.
-Added sound effects to SCP 106 for when spawning in, and bringing someone to the pocket dimension.
-Remade SCP 035, it's a mask now and it's very cool, check it out.
-Added back music to the loading screen.
-Updated UI of SCP Healthkit, Keycard Level 5 Spawner, Lightswitch.
-Added ambient sounds to SCP 939s cell.
-Added SCP 939 SWEP Sounds, depending on if there is a player nearby or not.
-Fixed SCP 682 related bugs.
-Fixed SCP 682 not being able to open doors properly.
-Fixed SCP 096 SWEP and added an option to play sound.
-Added the Pee SWEP.
-Added timeout to playing sounds using the SCP 066 SWEP.

Additional Notes:
-We are currently going through Suggestions please make sure to make a suggestion using the F10 Key.
-VIP has been reset. No refunds or compensation, however custom classes are still here.
is there gonna be vip to buy again because i did bought it from you guys i would like to have a discount then if possible to buy it again or if no then the custom clases will stay that its nice