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  1. natgar
    natgar Nekon
    Nekon for some reason its not letting me reapply for staff on the uk server do you know why
  2. DetailZZ
  3. dragonbor166
    I miss the server got banned for putting huhuhu crash just as timmy crashed the server lol
    1. JonGoodmen
      If you feel you got unrightfully banned then just make a ban appeal post my dude.
      Dec 11, 2017 at 7:30 PM
  4. DetailZZ
    Dab on the haters.
  5. VORTEX_Gaming
    VORTEX_Gaming bigdipchit
  6. bigdipchit
    Single, Gay, And Wants Nekon's Ass.
  7. Johntehmeme
    how do i unappeal my ban i wanna play scp rp again
  8. The Director
    The Director
    May be on here and there playing 3 games i got from black friday 1. Dark souls 3 2. MvC infinite 3. Sniper elite 3
  9. William
    William Cowskier
    Pyongyang isn't in china11
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  10. TheHuntingMaster
    Just got TMOD!"
  11. TheHuntingMaster
    Im on the ts now
  12. TheHuntingMaster
    TheHuntingMaster Nekon
    Can you wait like 5 mins im going home
  13. natgar
    natgar Nekon
    nekon on my last staff application i noticed that you said the one area didnt have 50 words it has 55 just letting you know
  14. natgar
    natgar JonGoodmen
    jon when you said it wasn't 2 weeks after my last application the person that denied the one before said one week just letting you know
    1. JonGoodmen
      Well with all due respect. The person who told you that isn't staff anymore. and he was perma-banned. So I don't think his word is too accountable.
      Nov 27, 2017
  15. natgar
    natgar William
    nevermind its just on the us scp rp server that i cant apply on
  16. natgar
    natgar SirSpy
    i might apply on the uk server i bet they need staff
  17. Natgar 2.0
    Natgar 2.0 SirSpy
    ok but im just going to use my old account
  18. Natgar 2.0
    Natgar 2.0 SirSpy
    its still not working is skynet still even hiring staff for the united states scp rp
    1. SirSpy
      yes, but i don't know whats wrong
      Nov 26, 2017
  19. Natgar 2.0
    Natgar 2.0 SirSpy
    sirspy this is my new account
  20. natgar
    natgar SirSpy
    sirspy i might just make another account on skynet